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Since 1976.

Plastic Processing


The principles by which we govern our daily work.



To be a reference company as a Strategic Partner in the plastics processing sector.


Be recognized for the quality of the products provided to customers and the unremitting pursuit of suitable solutions.
With the use of permanent technological innovation, flexibility and efficiency, in order to allow our clients to concentrate on their key points in the value chain and maximize their profitability.


Accomplishing this mission, Plastiber aims to maintain and increase its position of credibility, betting on the continuous improvement of all its services, in order to better serve and satisfy its direct and indirect customers.


Our attitudes are a posture of:


Posture of high flexibility where we maximize the usefulness of our resources, aiming at the improvement of our products and the timely fulfillment of the commitments assumed.


Translated into the search for, always and repeatedly, continuous improvement, innovation and competitiveness, reduction of costs and inefficiencies, internal and external customer satisfaction.


We add value and innovation to the ideas and achievements of our client, working with technicians with adequate training and equipment. Providing quality assurance in our products.

So that through a methodology of Continuous Improvement of Processes we can obtain Customer Satisfaction and fulfill the requirements of the norma NP EN ISO: 9001:2015.


Satisfied Customers

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Tons of Plastic per year

The Transformation of Plastic

At the end of the polymerization process, the additives may be added to the polymer in order to give the desired properties. Below are some of the most commonly used types of additives in the plastics industry:

Stabilizers and anti-oxidants – prevent degradation;

Pigments – donate the plastic of the desired color;

Plasticizers – give greater flexibility;

Mineral materials – stiffen or modify appearance, texture;

Anti-static agents – reduce the attractiveness of dust due to static electricity;

Anti-UV agents – limit the degradation of plastic by light;

Expansion agents – make the plastic lighter;

Anti-fire agents – provide the highest fire resistance plastic.


Plastic has infinite possibilities of use;

Plastic is a hygienic and aseptic material;

Plastic is a great thermal insulation;

Plastic is a lightweight material;

Plastic is flexible and pliable;

Plastic is a durable material;

Plastic is durable and reliable;

Plastic is reusable;

Plastic is recyclable.

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