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Manufacture of technical parts / Injection molding of thermoplastics.

The injection process is the core business of PLASTIBER accompanied by the best equipment and technology responding to the needs of our customers.

With high experience and diversification in the various existing markets, but with a greater dedication and relevance to the Automotive, Electric and Aeronautics.


Precision injection weight from 1gr to 4000gr;


Injection machines from 60 ton to 855 ton of closing force;


Raw materials: PP, PA, ABS, PE.

+351 219 748 042

Rua 5 de Outubro, 12 Granja 2625-717 Vialonga – Portugal

Our Services

We help from the initial phase of the mold design and product development to its production.

Testing of molds

We have a team that will provide an efficient service in the first injections carried out with the mold.

Project Development

The client conveys his need and we will deal with the whole process, from the design of the mold to the final product.

Parts injection

Wide range of products available.

Product development

3D design of the piece according to the needs of our clients.

Molde Project – Design and Construction


With a large set of injection machines and auxiliary equipment.

Inspection Criteria

Testing equipment that allows us to guarantee the quality of the products and ensure that it meets all customer requirements.

Quality control


Plastic and environment: Let’s clarify!

Not always what is said corresponds to the truth, and many are the misconceptions that exist regarding the plastic in its relation with the Environment:

  • Plastic production contributes to the depletion of oil reserves;
    Only 4% of the oil consumed in the Western world goes to the production of plastics.
  • Plastic production is highly polluting;
    With the use of appropriate technology, the production of plastic is totally efficient, since there is no waste: the plastic remains come back into the productive process, the gases emitted in their production are used, etc.
  • The production and use of plastic waste energy;
    In the manufacture of plastic, it is currently consuming less 40% to 70% of energy than 20 years ago. Plastic is the most commonly used material in alternative energy production equipment, such as wind power and solar energy … or even in green vehicles, because of its lightness, efficient use of fuels.
  • Plastics at the end of the life cycle serve only to pollute the environment;
    On the contrary, in Western Europe the life cycle of plastic through recycling is increasingly prolonged, and plastic is in itself a valuable alternative source of energy.


PLASTIBER, Lda  – Transformação de Plásticos
Rua 5 de Outubro, 12
Granja 2625-717 Vialonga – Portugal


+351 219 748 042

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Last update: 2023

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